Low-fat dairy infertility warning

A diet rich on low-fat dairy food may make it harder for some women to conceive, according to a study involving thousands of US women.
Harvard researchers found women who frequently ate these foods were 85% more likely to have ovulation problems.
In contrast, the Human Reproduction study found eating full-fat dairy foods, including ice cream, cut the risk of this type of infertility.
However, UK experts insist there is scant evidence of a link.
The research used a database of 116,000 US nurses which is regularly updated with information about their lifestyle, diet and health. They were asked whether they had been trying, and failing, to conceive, and whether a diagnosis of 'ovulatory failure' - infertility due to irregularity in the normal monthly cycle - had been made.
Over an eight year period between 1991 and 1999, 438 women reported this set of circumstances, and their answers to questions about their diet were analysed.
If the women ate two or more portions of low-fat dairy produce a a week, the risk of infertility due to ovulatory failure appeared to be 85% higher.
When women eating two or more portions of full-fat dairy produce such as whole milk or ice cream were compared with those eating one or fewer, they had a 27% lower risk of infertility due to lack of ovulation.

Source - BBC

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