Lose Weight With Green Tea

Now the same soothing beverage that warms your heart can also
help burn off excess calories.

If you enjoy starting your day with a cup of green tea, you'll
be happy to know that it can help to remove some of the extra
pounds that have accumulated over the years. According to the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea extract can
increase your metabolism rate by 4%. So while you're sipping
your tea, you're also burning fat.

The study attributes this fat-burning quality of green tea to
high concentrations of catechin polyphenols. These chemicals
intensify fat oxidation and thermogenesis, the rate at which
your body burns calories.

The catechins in green tea also help to decrease fat absorption
and regulate glucose by inhibiting the movement of glucose into
fat cells. The tea also helps to slow the increase in blood
sugar after meals, preventing high insulin spikes and
subsequent fat storage.

Green tea can affect your appetite, thus further assisting in
your weight loss regime. Studies conducted at the University
of Chicago showed that test rats consumed up to 60 percent less
food after seven days of daily green tea injections. This
decreased appetite may be due to green tea's effect on blood
sugar regulation.

Green tea can be a beneficial option to coffee. By switching
to green tea, you will lower your calorie intake while keeping
your daily caffeine pick-me-up. People with high blood
pressure, heart trouble or stimulant sensitivities should use
caution when drinking green tea. In these cases, a better
alternative might be to take green tea extract, usually made
from decaffeinated green tea. Green tea extract offers the
weight loss benefits without the high caffeine. Women who are
pregnant or nursing should also consult their doctors before
switching to green tea.

Green tea works best as a weight loss aid when it is consumed
in the right amounts. It is suggested that the optimal intake
is three to five cups of green tea per day. This amount will
help you burn an extra 70 calories per day, amounting to 7
pounds per year. If three to five cups are too much for you,
consider green tea extract, green tea pills or a green tea

Remember, there is no magical formula for weight loss. While
green tea can be an effective part of your diet plan, remember
that healthy, low fat meals, and an active lifestyle are still
your best options for losing weight.


About The Author: Linda Davis contributes to several web sites,
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    Green tea has emerged as a healthy route to improve the metabolism and also has provided a way to bring about reduction of weight. The constituents of green tea have the ability to
    maintain a healthy metabolic rate providing the necessary amount of vigor and vitality day after day.

    Consuming green tea has helped many a person improve their metabolic rate and maintain a healthy living style. But, certain tips need to be borne in mind while purchasing "green tea" as every brand that is available in the market may not be completely natural in terms of its ingredients.

    A doubt that frequently comes to many a person's mind when reading up on diet and consulting diet charts is to understand
    the proportion of a `serving'. More information and advice about servings and their proportions can be found by conducting an online search on Google and accessing the National Institutes of Health (1998) and the American Diabetic Association Exchange Lists.

    For this reason, it is best to go with a brand that is renowned and time-tested. Also, it is best to check the constituents before purchasing it. You can even have a look at where the tea is from to get an idea about whether the ingredients are totally natural. The ingredients have to be looked at because
    there are many brands available that claim to be green tea but are actually not.

    "Organic green tea" is one such ingredient to look out for. If a brand is organic it will be mentioned on the packing as many people prefer this while buying green tea.

    One vital point to bear in mind before you rush off to including green tea within your daily schedule is that one ingredient of any green tea is caffeine. If you are conscious about the amount of caffeine intake daily, then green tea is not your cup of tea. But, one good thing is that the amount of caffeine is significantly lesser in comparison to
    the amounts found in coffee or in the energy drinks that have now swarmed the markets. There are of late some products that
    claim to be free of caffeine. So, if you are caffeine conscious, you can try one of these.

    Green tea has demonstrated the ability to improve the metabolic rate and improve the oxidation of fats. These two important
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    Advanced trials have now made it known that along with these properties of green tea, it is also an antioxidant. Antioxidants
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