Ginger to boost your immune system

SOME foodstuffs act as positive guards to our health. You can use more of them in your diet or introduce them in a number of other ways

Ginger is stimulating and warming, and also boosts the immune system. You can use it fresh or powdered in food and drinks. Winter Warmer Tea Blend (£2.95 for 50g), which contains ginger slices, warms and soothes aching joints. A little fresh ginger grated into hot water makes a safe and pleasant remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy, while ginger essential oil (£10 for 10ml) can be blended in a base oil and massaged over the kidney area to stimulate the immune system. Rubbing the oil or a warming salve (£7 for 45g) on the feet can aid circulation and has a warming effect.

Source - Scotsman

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