Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are different from alternative therapies. Alternative therapies are usually used instead of conventional medicine, but complementary therapies are usually used together with conventional medicine. That said, there are a lot of complementary therapies out there:-

Acupressure | Acupuncture | Alexander technique | Amatsu therapy | Aromatherapy | Applied kinesiology | Anthroposophic medicine bullet | Autogenic training | Ayurveda | Chiropractic | Cranial osteopathy | Environmental medicine | Healing bullet | Herbal medicine | Homoeopathy | Hypnosis | Massage | Meditation | Naturopathy | Nutritional therapy | Osteopathy | Reflexology | Relaxation and visualisation | Shiatsu | Therapeutic touch | Yoga

Confusion and controversy surrounds the subject: Which ones work? Which ones are hype? Who knows?

As we come across any interesting news articles about herbs and all thing herbal I will publish them, without fear or favour, here.